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The first & each sip of Qethereal® Coffee is a truly ethereal experience.

It’s the moment where excellent quality meets the ideal surroundings, generating an unforgettable experience.

01. Simplicity

Coffee is only as good as the beans it was brewed with. The path to an unforgettable experience begins with the harvest in the best plantations in the world. The secret is in the grains that grow in distant corners of the globe and are then carefully processed with the spirit and the craftsmanship of artisanal production.

02. Ecology

Qethereal coffee is produced respecting the laws of nature – the people who work in the coffee fields during harvest and the animals living around the plantation. We want our products to be neutral in terms of environmental hazards. We believe that sustainable development is the basis of production based on the gifts of nature.

03. Innovation

The forces of the universe are constantly pushing us forward. At Qethereal, we do our best to use the traditions and experiences of the past as well as the technology and ideas of the future.

04. Experience

Eleven years of experience in the coffee industry has allowed us to develop Qethereal product formulas in accordance with the highest quality standards. Whether it’s dark as the abyss of space, morning black coffee – or a mild afternoon latte – you’ll experience the extreme uniqueness of all Qethereal blends in every cup of coffee.

05. Craft

Roasting coffee completes the coffee production process. It can contribute to both success and failure. This is a time when we honor the hard work of farmers. Qethereal Coffee is a tribute to them. It is an expression of respect for the seeds and the land they come from.


Qethereal App

Qethereal looks boldly to the future.

Imagine that you can pick up a coffee adjusted to your taste and brewing method in a quick and extremely easy way. Guided by the spirit of innovation, in order to provide you with the highest quality experience related to the selection and purchase of coffee, we design the Qethereal application for iOS and Android systems, which will enable safe and fast online shopping and the selection of products ideally suited to your expectations.

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